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Cluj-Napoca. Our dear.. dear city.. where the grass is green, if not otherwise, the dogs run freely biting around people and the concerts are mind blowing. Well, whatever, shifting gears for a second, to the kids these days…

Inevitably, walking around a city like ours, you run into different types of people… that for example walk around being purple. How can you walk around being purple? I’m gonna try it, to see whether it brings a special satisfaction of being different… juuust like every other living soul on this thing called Earth. Are they just kids burnt by the desperate yearn of getting attention.. or are they just pursuing their desires.. of walking around being.. purple.

I’m going to check that out and get back atcha with reviews. That is, if I’m going to cause a few heart attack, old ladies can be judgemental to the very point of dying of astonishment 😀

Maybe because they were never allowed to step out of their little boxes so when they’re faced with youngsters actually acting out the way they never could.. brings about frustration. The almighty feeling that reveals a bitchy attitude, togheter with anger at the world.. oh yeah, now it’s allowed! Damn! A ‘not fair!’ kinda situation. Well, it’s called life, ladies, deal with it!

I must admit from some points of view I agree with’em. To be more specific, I understand their attitude when it comes to ‘what you see is what you get’ girls going about their day ‘offering’ ‘full views’. But that’s another gross subject, I’m not particularly fond of getting into that. It’s a free country, if you don’t respect yourself, that’s your damn business.

Off I go. Call it childish? Maybe. I call it messing around in my own spare time. Aaa.. I mean research.


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  1. Still alive?

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