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Something sad happened today…. i don’t really want to get into details.. because it kind of hurts… but I guess there’s a bright side in everything that goes wrong… at least you learn „something” and take better care next time…

We’re so busy trying to live.. that we don’t really focus on staying alive… at any given time ‘something’, obviously unexpected, can throw ours life right out the window.. and we have nothing to do but find ourselves running with scissors.. lost for a bit… in the new coordinates.. until we wake up and smell the coffee, of course.

so what to do once we’re down the road we don’t want to be…? Since there’s no „go back” button attached to ‘life’… so we have no choice but to go on…

proposition: we’ll ignore the ‘overdose’ or ‘throw ourselves in front of traffic’ methods.. we’ll leave that to the…people… who piss us off, but let’s not shift gears..

I can’t help but wonder… are we in control of our lives or are we just peons in a twisted chess game played by „gods”? For how much of what happened so far can we take complete credit ? We’re pushed around on a daily basis by society… with all that is implied…. but that’s another topic..

So, there’s nothing left to say but… enjoy the trip and hope for the best..



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