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Sooo, guess who was bored to death during the exam today!? Yeap, me. I mean what the fuck was that…aaa… teacher… (I’ll call her that, ‘cause I’m such a lady) thinking when she gave us 3 gut wrenching subjects at 8 a.m.?!

After 3 or 4 brilliant ideas of implementation, which I later realized where idiotic, but hey.. it’was 8 o’clock in the fucking morning… I might as well laugh at a cup of coffee at that hour… or get all hysterical because it’s empty… give me coffee and no one gets hurt.. okay!?

Anyway, my point was that I started to look around at the other people in the room, also in sheer pain. That wasn’t so promising, they looked all caught up in the attempt to pass this damn, useless, I might add, class. Then it dawned on me that I should do the same… because I most certainly was not. What’s wrong with this picture? besides everything? K

Maybe my mind was on strike… or something. Maybe my brain network cable was unplugged. Or maybe… just maybe… it’s the lack of sleep mixed with painkillers, coffee overdose and.. let’s not forget about a hell of a lot of smoking. And no learning what so ever. Nice cocktail, I don’t recommend it, it’s the recipe for disaster… or maybe not.

Since I managed to fight the urge to stab the b… teacher… with my pen, I expect a reward. I should pass. I’ll find out tomorrow if I did…

But she should be drinking heavily to make that happen…

Eniuei, since I’ve noticed i… don’t make a lot of sense, I’m done. Over and out. Keep your fingers crossed or watch the 5 o’clock news tomorrow.


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  1. OMG! that pen comment… i occasionally think of doing that too :))

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