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There are certain types of mornings when you just feel something is going to go wrong. Very wrong. So, since you’re already awake, what to do? Pour yourself a large cup of black coffee and start thinking where the hell this feeling came from. Maybe it’s caused by the nightmares you were tortured by the night before (most probably old ones that just came flooding back).. or maybe because you’ve reached a certain point in your life where you don’t know what you want anymore. I can’t help but wonder… is it possible to get lost on your way to a destination called ‘what you hope to be’ ? I dunno…get caught in barbed wire that was just lying there on the side of the road, for instance. Or can you blame it all on some memories triggered by.. I dont know… a song… a deja-vu…

Anyway, since I feel like something’s dead wrong, can’t actually wait to find out what… can’t put my finger on it, yet. But I know it’s there… ready to bite me in the ass 😐

So, since I’m at it, might as well listen to Anathema again.

Empty vessel, empty veins…empty bottle, wish for rain that pain again… wash the blood off my face, the pulse from my brain… And I feel that pain again.

Whatever. I should be sleeping.


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