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Heeeey, how’s it going? I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’m tired of the fucking losers picking on people on the street. Well, heey.. how you doin, <insert words meant to make you feel “special”>. If you actually feel special after such an experience, beware, you might respond to medication. You might want to look into that. I’d ask them one thing.. well.. how are you with the lack of dying? Good? Damn. K

Let me ‘splain to you something, okay? YOU’ve got two methods to approach this issue. Of you still breathing, of course. Either; throw yourself in front of traffic or overdose, please!. Nobody wants to hear this bullshit anymore, time for some revaluation of ones life. Por Favor. Fucking jackasses. The worst humanity has to offer.

There are certain types of people in this world that just piss me off to no end.

And in closing, you know it’s shit like this that pisses me off it’s just these types of people that have no “inner soul” no nothing, they just revolve around their own pathetic little world with no consideration for what’s going on around them. They have no sense or grasp of reality and really need to be taken off the face of this earth, they have no substance, they have no control over themselves…

And they really need to be put to sleep…



  1. prima chestie… citez pe un bun prieten d-al meu „societatea are nevoie de toti”
    a doua chestie……nu am inteles ideea cu inner soul.e vb de retardatii care nu gandesc la fel de mult ca si ceilalti loseri??? :)) daca stai sa te gandesti…..toti suntem la fel, toti suntem niste sunt centrul universului meu…..tu esti centrul universului tau :))

    „they have no control over themselves” tu ai?

  2. e vorba de unii condusi de instincte.
    si da, i’m in control. daca tu nu….

  3. asa… avand in vedere ca si eu am probleme cu lume de genu, iti dau dreptate… da asa cum ne streseaza ei pe noi, ii stresam si noi pe ei… oricum prea mult bine ne-ar face rau 🙂

    I want my summer vacation… now… my free road… my sun… mmm everybody’s sun… but you always see the sun as if it’s smiling more to you… anyway…. I want my summer!!!
    and yes.. joey doesn’t share food!!!

    have a nice sleep 🙂

  4. Can I be your little code monkey?

  5. Ce pretentii… or sa aiba ei inner soul cand o sa aiba nea Gigi Pedala tractoristu` doctorat in fizica atomica :p

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