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I’m sick and tired of narrow minded people. I’d have a few thoughts to share with them… it’d sound something like this:Before you start judging and saying that a change is bad, picture yourself hiding with your eyes shut (preferably on the way to the hospital :D), because that’s what you’re doing. Changes are a part of life, deal with it!! Get out of the box, once and for all or maybe it’s better for people like that to stay in the box, at least they’re not standing in the way.

I got really pissed while reading some of the comments on,mostly because what some people wrote there has no back-up. So what are you saying… Is this the time when we start judging and blaming a band because it has a lot of fans and ..nevertheless friends who promote them 😀 !?

That is wrong on so many levels. The whole point is to increase the number of fans and, while in a contest, get as many votes as you possibly can. Here’s where friends come in :-” And what are they doing? Blaming it. Well they’re dead wrong. People like’em, that’s a fact. Have something against it? Go stare at a wall and think about how narrow minded, i’m trying hard not to say idiotic, you are if you state something like.. „you’ve got too many fans.. something’s wrong” .. Well, dude, newsflash! if YOU don’t think (assuming that you think, of course) that they have fans, you’ve got another thing coming.

Oh but of course everybody is entitled to an opinion ..bla bla bla. True, i’m not saying they’re not. But at least, give a VALID reason or something, don’t just drop a line and run for cover. At least choke while you’re typing mean, untruthful stuff 🙂 so don’t just bark it out like that, think it over.

And yeah the contest was fair, got fans… get votes. END of story. But not of the MUSHROOM STORY!!!! WOOHOOO!


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