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heeeeeeeeeey how’s it going.

m-am gandit sa mai stop the whine ( desi e greu) si sa va las sa reach enlightement with this :

(they do not desire pleasure…they desire GOD!)

how about that. =))

eu nu mai pot de ras.

over and out. enjoy.

Mdeah. Pe cand sa te bucuri ca a trecut sesiunea, incepe din nou chinul. A dracu’ treaba. Nici n-am chef sa mai dau pe la facultatea vietzii avand in vedere splendidul fapt ca nici macar nu facem laburile in cladirea centrala. mdeah. si ce te gandesti? eh. fumez o tigara in pauza.. si ma mai resemnez cu mizeriile la care suntem obligati sa asistam. greshit. se gaseste cate-o pseudo attractive bimbo, cu pantaloni de marimea pe care ar vrea s-o aiba… cu attachments pe afara.. sa se planga ce greu e la ise. e greu, da. foarte. ma mir ca nu iti pica gablonturile ca te-ai prezentat la un curs, vaco.

Pardon, distinsa domnisoara.

Incercand sa ignor doleantele v..distinsei, revin la ale mele ganduri negre si realizez ca am si intarziat. magnific. profu’ nu se supara ca doar nu il intereseaza daca invatzam sau nu, el isi ia paycheck-u. Imi vine sa ma dau cu capu’ de un perete dar nici unu’ nu imi zambeste azi. ce trist.

Trece ora, timp de mers acasa… iar plonjoane ale babelor pt a ajunge la scaune..zici ca’s retired wrestlers… iar.. chin.

Si maine o iau de la capat.

Can’t wait.

Cluj-Napoca. Our dear.. dear city.. where the grass is green, if not otherwise, the dogs run freely biting around people and the concerts are mind blowing. Well, whatever, shifting gears for a second, to the kids these days…

Inevitably, walking around a city like ours, you run into different types of people… that for example walk around being purple. How can you walk around being purple? I’m gonna try it, to see whether it brings a special satisfaction of being different… juuust like every other living soul on this thing called Earth. Are they just kids burnt by the desperate yearn of getting attention.. or are they just pursuing their desires.. of walking around being.. purple.

I’m going to check that out and get back atcha with reviews. That is, if I’m going to cause a few heart attack, old ladies can be judgemental to the very point of dying of astonishment 😀

Maybe because they were never allowed to step out of their little boxes so when they’re faced with youngsters actually acting out the way they never could.. brings about frustration. The almighty feeling that reveals a bitchy attitude, togheter with anger at the world.. oh yeah, now it’s allowed! Damn! A ‘not fair!’ kinda situation. Well, it’s called life, ladies, deal with it!

I must admit from some points of view I agree with’em. To be more specific, I understand their attitude when it comes to ‘what you see is what you get’ girls going about their day ‘offering’ ‘full views’. But that’s another gross subject, I’m not particularly fond of getting into that. It’s a free country, if you don’t respect yourself, that’s your damn business.

Off I go. Call it childish? Maybe. I call it messing around in my own spare time. Aaa.. I mean research.

Something sad happened today…. i don’t really want to get into details.. because it kind of hurts… but I guess there’s a bright side in everything that goes wrong… at least you learn „something” and take better care next time…

We’re so busy trying to live.. that we don’t really focus on staying alive… at any given time ‘something’, obviously unexpected, can throw ours life right out the window.. and we have nothing to do but find ourselves running with scissors.. lost for a bit… in the new coordinates.. until we wake up and smell the coffee, of course.

so what to do once we’re down the road we don’t want to be…? Since there’s no „go back” button attached to ‘life’… so we have no choice but to go on…

proposition: we’ll ignore the ‘overdose’ or ‘throw ourselves in front of traffic’ methods.. we’ll leave that to the…people… who piss us off, but let’s not shift gears..

I can’t help but wonder… are we in control of our lives or are we just peons in a twisted chess game played by „gods”? For how much of what happened so far can we take complete credit ? We’re pushed around on a daily basis by society… with all that is implied…. but that’s another topic..

So, there’s nothing left to say but… enjoy the trip and hope for the best..


Sooo, guess who was bored to death during the exam today!? Yeap, me. I mean what the fuck was that…aaa… teacher… (I’ll call her that, ‘cause I’m such a lady) thinking when she gave us 3 gut wrenching subjects at 8 a.m.?!

After 3 or 4 brilliant ideas of implementation, which I later realized where idiotic, but hey.. it’was 8 o’clock in the fucking morning… I might as well laugh at a cup of coffee at that hour… or get all hysterical because it’s empty… give me coffee and no one gets hurt.. okay!?

Anyway, my point was that I started to look around at the other people in the room, also in sheer pain. That wasn’t so promising, they looked all caught up in the attempt to pass this damn, useless, I might add, class. Then it dawned on me that I should do the same… because I most certainly was not. What’s wrong with this picture? besides everything? K

Maybe my mind was on strike… or something. Maybe my brain network cable was unplugged. Or maybe… just maybe… it’s the lack of sleep mixed with painkillers, coffee overdose and.. let’s not forget about a hell of a lot of smoking. And no learning what so ever. Nice cocktail, I don’t recommend it, it’s the recipe for disaster… or maybe not.

Since I managed to fight the urge to stab the b… teacher… with my pen, I expect a reward. I should pass. I’ll find out tomorrow if I did…

But she should be drinking heavily to make that happen…

Eniuei, since I’ve noticed i… don’t make a lot of sense, I’m done. Over and out. Keep your fingers crossed or watch the 5 o’clock news tomorrow.

There are certain types of mornings when you just feel something is going to go wrong. Very wrong. So, since you’re already awake, what to do? Pour yourself a large cup of black coffee and start thinking where the hell this feeling came from. Maybe it’s caused by the nightmares you were tortured by the night before (most probably old ones that just came flooding back).. or maybe because you’ve reached a certain point in your life where you don’t know what you want anymore. I can’t help but wonder… is it possible to get lost on your way to a destination called ‘what you hope to be’ ? I dunno…get caught in barbed wire that was just lying there on the side of the road, for instance. Or can you blame it all on some memories triggered by.. I dont know… a song… a deja-vu…

Anyway, since I feel like something’s dead wrong, can’t actually wait to find out what… can’t put my finger on it, yet. But I know it’s there… ready to bite me in the ass 😐

So, since I’m at it, might as well listen to Anathema again.

Empty vessel, empty veins…empty bottle, wish for rain that pain again… wash the blood off my face, the pulse from my brain… And I feel that pain again.

Whatever. I should be sleeping.

Heeeey, how’s it going? I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’m tired of the fucking losers picking on people on the street. Well, heey.. how you doin, <insert words meant to make you feel “special”>. If you actually feel special after such an experience, beware, you might respond to medication. You might want to look into that. I’d ask them one thing.. well.. how are you with the lack of dying? Good? Damn. K

Let me ‘splain to you something, okay? YOU’ve got two methods to approach this issue. Of you still breathing, of course. Either; throw yourself in front of traffic or overdose, please!. Nobody wants to hear this bullshit anymore, time for some revaluation of ones life. Por Favor. Fucking jackasses. The worst humanity has to offer.

There are certain types of people in this world that just piss me off to no end.

And in closing, you know it’s shit like this that pisses me off it’s just these types of people that have no “inner soul” no nothing, they just revolve around their own pathetic little world with no consideration for what’s going on around them. They have no sense or grasp of reality and really need to be taken off the face of this earth, they have no substance, they have no control over themselves…

And they really need to be put to sleep…

I’m sick and tired of narrow minded people. I’d have a few thoughts to share with them… it’d sound something like this:Before you start judging and saying that a change is bad, picture yourself hiding with your eyes shut (preferably on the way to the hospital :D), because that’s what you’re doing. Changes are a part of life, deal with it!! Get out of the box, once and for all or maybe it’s better for people like that to stay in the box, at least they’re not standing in the way.

I got really pissed while reading some of the comments on,mostly because what some people wrote there has no back-up. So what are you saying… Is this the time when we start judging and blaming a band because it has a lot of fans and ..nevertheless friends who promote them 😀 !?

That is wrong on so many levels. The whole point is to increase the number of fans and, while in a contest, get as many votes as you possibly can. Here’s where friends come in :-” And what are they doing? Blaming it. Well they’re dead wrong. People like’em, that’s a fact. Have something against it? Go stare at a wall and think about how narrow minded, i’m trying hard not to say idiotic, you are if you state something like.. „you’ve got too many fans.. something’s wrong” .. Well, dude, newsflash! if YOU don’t think (assuming that you think, of course) that they have fans, you’ve got another thing coming.

Oh but of course everybody is entitled to an opinion ..bla bla bla. True, i’m not saying they’re not. But at least, give a VALID reason or something, don’t just drop a line and run for cover. At least choke while you’re typing mean, untruthful stuff 🙂 so don’t just bark it out like that, think it over.

And yeah the contest was fair, got fans… get votes. END of story. But not of the MUSHROOM STORY!!!! WOOHOOO!

Facand o pauza de la preaiubitul unix, pe care incerc sa nu-l judec prin voma, am decis sa-mi aprind o tigara, sa-mi mai iau o cana de cafea siiii sa rasfoiesc Zile si Nopti. Am dat de o chestie ce m-a pus pe ganduri, zisa de un om despre care inainte nu aveam nici o parere. Paul McCartney isi intituleaza noul album „Memory almost full”, sustinand ca ‘in ziua de azi mintile noastre tind sa devina prea incarcate’. Adevarat.

Si cum ma aflu in aceeasi situatie, avand flash-uri cu cursuri, seminarii, laboratoare si asa mai departe (prefer sa nu intru in detalii) in cele mai tampite momente, tind sa fiu de acord cu aceasta afirmatie. Oare am uitat unde ne e tasta delete? sau poate am pierdut-o candva demult.. nu stiu. Cert e ca, fortati de circumstante, constiinta.. de.. viata.. ne supraincarcam memoria… cu chestii care nu ar trebui sa prezinte o asa mare importanta si, poate, ocupam pe degeaba locul celor care ar trebui sa conteze cu adevarat pentru noi. Dar cum putem decide care ganduri sa le salvam de la un delete ireversibil si care nu? Nici macar nu avem timpul sa punem aceste lucruri in balanta.. asa ca ne confruntam cu o situatie de gen „memory full”, ca niste telefoane mobile.

Si atunci ma intreb… oare ne obliga viata sa devenim telefoane mobile?

Mintea umana o ia razna din cand in cand. Se pare ca a mea isi exercita drepturile acum. Sau poate nu.

Urasc ziua de luni. Stiu ca e discriminare, ziua de luni ar trebui sa se bucure si ea de prezumptia de nevinovatie… are dreptul.. dar nu e o zi ca oricare alta. Nu e o zi normala. Pune punct weekendului. Incepe saptamana. Nebunia o ia de la capat.

Trebuie pedepsita.

NU putem sa ne mai gandim la chefuri, concerte si alte activitati care ne distrag atentia de la laboratoare, examene care se apropie vertiginos… determinand chiar cosmaruri. Da.

Ziua de luni determina toate astea. Am putea propune sa fie scoasa din calendar.. dar atunci toate aceste oribile… oribile (re)sentimente ar fi puse pe seama altei zile.

Dar, Lunea e .. in realitate.. o victima. A tuturor gandurilor negre care ne apasa existenta. Toate puse in seama unei zile. Nu e normal, dar e cel mai usor. Nu recunoastem ca am ramas in urma cu o mie de laboratoare din 14 😛 ca nu ne-am uitat peste nici un curs tot semestrul… ca am fost „ocupati” tot uichendul si luni dimineata aratam de parca ar fi dat toate vagoanele marfarului peste noi… ca… lista ar putea continua la infinit. Sunt motive si motive si… motive sa uram luni. Mai ales luni dimineata.

De fapt si diminetile in general ar trebui interzise. Da, iar. Baietii de la OCS au mare dreptate. Weekendul ca un intreg e o exceptie. E o entitate de sine statatoare. Mai ales daca vin dupa o noapte de cosmaruri tampite care o sa te urmareasca toata ziua, care era si asa plina de chestii care-ti displac. Just great. Move on. Make it through another day. Hooray, hooray. Ah si sa speram ca nu devine whoreray.

Cine e de vina?

Luni. Dati-mi un cutit. Thank you.
ah. Update.

First you hate sunday.. cause it slowly fades into a monday (pervs shall shut up). And it is my duty to quote my best fwend Deafy:

„First i hate Sundays. Then I hate Mondays.  Tuesday is ok..Wednesday sounds promising.. thursday .. now that i love ! .. so close to the weekend .. and usually concert night .. or at least it used to be, in the old Music Pub. friday is a blessing.

then there`s saturday whish is not as good as friday, but also good .. not as good cause parents usually stay home and nagg you. :-L and then that dreadfull sunday again :-<”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Hug, my dearest, hug for you!

Curse those damn dreadfull days. Curse’em!